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Anyone who loves and admires horses will develop a new understanding of how humans interact with them; and how those interactions can lead to spiritual awakening. Dr. Hamilton's insight will give you not only a new horse training perspective, but guide you on a journey of self discovery as you learn to extract the spiritual lessons horses can teach us, and apply them to your daily life.

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NBC News Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman spent a day at Rancho Bosque interviewing Dr. Hamilton for a profile on his innovative “Barnyard to Bedside” program. Read More



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Read "Developing a Bedside Manner at the Ranch" in the January/February 2014 issue of Health Leaders
For the full article, visit healthleadersmedia.com


UANews Feature: Horses Help Teach Bedside Manner to Med Students
In this video, Dr. Hamilton's unique program, "From Barnyard to Bedside", taught through the University of Arizona Medical School, is profiled. Watch Now


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"Zen Mind, Zen Horse is both practical and profound, offering sound advice for tapping the wisdom of horses as natural mindfulness teachers."
--Linda Kohanov, Author of “The Tao of Equus"


Zen Mind Zen Horse and the Art of Aging Gracefully Webinar

If you missed the webinar, no worries, MyHorse Books has it recorded. In addition to giving us more information about right and left brain function, Dr. Hamilton offered guidance on how to keep riding into our senior years. Listen Now


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