spiritualityMaking Happiness Last
Spirituality & Health November/December 2011

The experience of happiness simply doesn’t last. It can’t, given the very nature of the brain. But that fact by
no means suggests that happiness is not a worthy pursuit. Of course it is! The key I believe is to pursue happiness in a dedicated way that actually works. And the fact that this path to happiness is proven to work says everything about who we are deep down, and what we truly aspire to. Read Article




Left Half Empty and Right Half Full:
The Neuroscience of Relating to Horses

Haute Ecole Magazine, Autumn, 2011

Tracking biology and brain science through history, Dr. Hamilton looks at how horses and humans evolved and why there is such a deep spiritual connection between the two. Read PDF Article




Spiritual Leadership
Spirituality & Health, September/October 2011
Leading with Chi Instead of Words or Rope. The Power of the Silent Half of the Brain

Dr. Hamilton explores the behavior of horses, its relationship to chi and how working together can develope one's spritual leadership.

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My Grandfather's Lipizzan
Haute Ecole, Volume 19, Issue 1

Dr. Hamilton recounts the arrival of the first colt from his Lipizzan breeding program, and weaves through century of his family's history that connected his Viennese grandfather's devotion to the breed, to his own.
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Four Awakenings to Compassion - Lessons From The
Minds of Whales

Spirituality & Health July/Aug, 2010
The profound richness of the whale mind is explored along with the gifts cetaceans may be able to teach the human race.
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