"The horse as Zen master is the theme of this handsome, comprehensive book about working with horses. Hamilton, described as a Harvard-trained brain surgeon who has become a horse trainer, conducts clinics all over the United States and Europe. His esteem for horses is so great, you almost get the impression that the relationship between a man and his horse is as good as it gets. Hamilton has a small ranch near Vail, and this is a great gift selection for a horse lover."
-- Az Star Sunday, Dec 4th, 2011


"...I opened up Zen Mind Zen Horse and immediately loved it, because Dr. Hamilton grabbed me by the heartstrings within the first two pages with his story about a woman dying of a brain tumor and her inspiring encounter with his horse.

From there, the book becomes a frank, conversational guide to exploring how interactions with horses can offer us powerful, spiritual self truths. And before you start thinking that it’s going to be a haughty book, here’s a line from one of the opening pages where Dr. Hamilton talks about the secret to transformational change:
Get that inner voice to shut up!”
--Amy Herdy, My Horse Daily


"Through rich illustrations and personal anecdotes he leads the reader on a journey from the beginnings of horses and humans to the present day partnership between the species, one of the perks of which is the ability to see ourselves in “divine mirrors,” as the horse reflects back our own emotions.

Drawing on Confucianism, Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American folklore and Yaqui shamanism, Hamilton shows readers just how much the horse has to teach us about ourselves."
-- Saddle & Bridle Magazine read entire review

zen rocks"Combining brain science, horse sense, and fine storytelling, this spiritual handbook points toward a special and completely real form of enlightenment." --Stephen Kiesling, Editor-in-Chief, Spirituality and Health Magazine


"Zen Mind, Zen Horse is far more than a book about how to care for a horse, though it stands out as one of the best on the subject. Rather, Hamilton has given humans a way to achieve our highest good by allowing horses to be our guides. This beautiful testament to the power and magic of equine energy captures the soul of a horse perfectly."
--Susan Richards, Author, Chosen By a Horse


"Zen Mind, Zen Horse is both practical and profound, offering sound advice for tapping the wisdom of horses as natural mindfulness teachers."
--Linda Kohanov, Author, The Tao of Equus


"These deceptively simple techniques embody a powerful set of spiritual techniques."
--Andrew Weil, MD, Author, Eight Weeks to Optimum Health


"The book is part memoir, part foundation information on why "natural horsemanship" works, and part training manual that puts that understanding to work. He describes the body language, with which we humans most effectively communicate with horses, in terms of emotional energy, or chi, drawing on the philosophical concepts of several ancient cultures."
-- Janet Blevins, Knight Equestrian Books read entire review


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