Motivational and inspiring public speaker

Dr. Hamilton has given over three hundred public presentations and speeches to both lay and professional audiences and is widely sought after as a motivational speaker. His presentations are engaging and thought provoking as well as being humorous and uplifting.

In addition to speaking on Spirituality and Horses, Dr. Hamilton has been a keynote speaker on the following topics:

  • Science of Spiritual Improvement
  • Mind-Body medicine
  • Wellness
  • Neuroscience of Dieting
  • Neuroscience of Decision Making
  • Neurobiology of Conscienceness
  • Neurobiology of Love
  • Biology of Lying
  • Science of Happiness



top 5 speakerDr. Hamilton has been voted "One of Top Five Medical Speakers" by Speakers Bureau,
2009-2010, 2010-2011. Additional material on Dr. Hamilton's motivational speaking can be found at


A Sampling of Presentation Topics

Right Brain, Right Horse: The Neuro-Equine Model-A Hypothesis to Explain Why Humans and Horses Form Partnerships

From Barnyard to Boardroom--The Art of Nonverbal Communication in Negotiation

From Round Pen to Bedside -- Using Horses to Improve Bedside Manners

Improving Life Through Improving Right Brain Function

Spiritual Connections Through the Right Hemisphere

Living in the Matrix: Your Brain is Lying to You Every Second You Are Alive



"Dr. Hamilton addressed an audience comprised of the full age spectrum from high schoolers to retirees, and held their attention through the evening. For days after the event, I had numerous attendees approach me to exclaim their enjoyment of his presentation. We feel most fortunate to have had him as part of our lecture series."
-- Mike Powell, Mindquest, Foothills Community Founadation














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